ASNC Committee 2017-18

Robin Allez and Amrit Sidhu-Brar
Robin is a smol birb. No, not really. She is a language- and dog-loving, D&D-playing, clothes-making third-year Corpuscle who will probably be most noticeable for her tree of Gondor jumper and for forcing her various favourite fantasy books and podcasts on you at every possible moment.

Amrit is not a birb. Nor is he particularly smol. You will know him by his majestic mane. He is a cat person (of the prefers-cats-to-dogs variety, not the were-cat variety, although that would be cool). He has infinite knowledge of philology. I would not trust him, as he is a defector from Oxford and now a defector from Christ’s (having now moved to Corpus for his MPhil).

Together we form the all-powerful duumvirate of the ASNC Society, which means that we will attempt to see to your collective wellbeing and revelry during your time as an ASNaC, as well as having ultimate power over your souls and making you all do philology because it’s the best subject, mwahahahaha.

Basha Wells-Dion
Hello everyone! My name is Basha, and I'm a MPhil at Catz, with an inexplicable interest in dead languages and a soft spot for derpy Irish saints. As secretary of the ASNC society, my job is to document the ramblings of the ASNC committee along with suitable memes. Ask me to demonstrate my squirrel noise, you will not be disappointed.

Charles Cowper
Access Officer
Charles is cutting squash next to me, and could think of nothing better for me to write than that he was cutting squash. He occupies the theological corner of ASNaC and has scary powers over the authorities of his college of Peterhouse. Charles is the Society’s Access Officer, attempting to spread the ASNaC love to all corners of the realm and ensure that we don’t look too weird, or if we do, only in a lovely friendly way.

Ela Sefcikova
Archiepiscopus (Freshers' Officer)
Hi, I'm Ela, a first year at Peterhouse. As Archiepiscopus of the venerable ASNaC Society, I am responsible for making the incoming flock of ASNaClings feel welcome and organising suitable entertainments (although I'm not sure I'll be able to surpass the mighty Cattle Raid of King's) for their enjoyment during Freshers' Week. I'm here to answer any questions about ASNaC specifically or Cambridge life in general, so feel free to drop me an email!

Eve McCormick
Hello! I am Eve, second year Corpuscle, genuine hobbit and your Treasurer! Therefore, I publicly swear a Viking oath not to seek “souvenirs” for myself in our coin hoard. Instead, my hobbies will probably continue to include attending food-related ASNC events and checking Rightmove for houses on Lindisfarne.

Hannah Fitzgerald
Hannah's bio goes here.

James Miller
Catering Officer
James just smashed a glass while trying to whip Robin with a tea-towel (see above), and is now hoovering up the pieces. This should give you some idea of his personality. (Admittedly this scribe, Amrit, was trying to hit her with a leek on a stick at the time, so is not entirely in a position to judge.) This 3rd-year at Fitz has infinite knowledge of Breton saints (and generally all of history), but it is his culinary abilities or, more accurately, the proximity of his room to Aldi, that qualifies him for his post of Catering Officer. James therefore provides the weekly ambrosia of ASNaC lunch to the good citizens of the Department.

Kate Barber
Yule Play Officer
Hi, I am Kate Barber from Corpus and I like long walks on the beach and... Just kidding, I like obscure dead languages and bizarre medieval literature. I am your Yule play officer this year. This means that I will be helping to bring to life all of the niche ASNaC humour-based songs and sketches that you could want. Please send me any ideas, sketches or songs that you have, as I am not creative to come up with them all on my own. I am so uncreative that I will quote from one of my predecessors that 'contributions anywhere along the spectrum from "I once made this awful joke we could base a sketch on" to "Here's my full arrangement of my Symphony to Old Irish Toilet Paper for double orchestra, organ and electric triangle" would be extremely welcome'.

Miriam Longman
Gesta Editor
Hello, I'm Miriam, and I'm at Newnham. I came to ASNaC via folk music and a brief stint as an Irish dancer (it was a dark time), so I guess it's no surprise that I stick to the Irish side of things and like to ramble incoherently about the Tuatha De Danann. I spend my 'free' time reading and reviewing books, wasting my life on the internet, and writing novels about teenage assassins, homicidal fairies, and modern-day knights -- though so far not all at the same time. As Gesta editor, I'm looking forward to putting my love of bad puns and extremely niche jokes that nobody outside the department gets to good use, as well as naming and shaming people for the ridiculous things they say.

Sophie Bell
Mead and Cider Officer
Sophie's bio goes here.

Sven Rossel
Ben Allport Memorial Officer for Graduate Liaisons
Sven's bio goes here.

Tom Cleere
Social Secretary
Hi, as you can see, I’m Tom, and I’m at Catz. As social secretary, I’m responsible for getting you out of the library and into some of Cambridge’s many fine establishments (as my picture demonstrates), so keep an eye on the society’s social group and for any ASNaC themed events on Facebook. Definitely come – they’re good fun, with plenty of ASNaC goodness to go around. I enjoy Celtic things, and someday I’ll even learn the languages in time for my exams. Also, it’s of critical importance that you like the ASNaC (my) meme page, it’s good stuff.