ASNC Committee 2017-18

Alison Owen
Alison is the secretary and token elf of the ASNC committee. She bakes cookies, draws pictures and will identify birds on request. Her role is to chronicle the committee’s shenanigans and occasionally be sarcastic about them.
Alys Williams
Welfare Officer & Yule Play Officer
Alys didn’t believe in love at first sight until she read the Mabinogion. Now she knows there’s no other book for her. Although she admits that the Tain looks pretty good… She’s always at hand with strange songs about Gerald of Wales and an encyclopaedic knowledge of every single line of Horrible Histories. There is a rumour going around that Alys is part horse which may or may not be true but one thing’s for certain, she’s 100% mother hen to the freshers and ready to look after you and all your problems, great or small and if you’re really lucky she may even whip out her suspiciously bobbly hat.
Angharad Davies
Yule Play Officer
Angharad is a Welshy arty musician type who does comedy stuff around Cambridge, they are one of the Yule Play officers (ie one of the bards). They have an English literature degree so (weirdly) also care deeply about things written after 1300. They reside at Pembroke in term time.
Benjamin Webb
Catering Officer
Eats to live, lives to eat. Ben is passionate about providing ASNaC Lunch with cheap (but decent/edible) food, every Monday lunchtime, in your local ASNaC Common Room. Any food or drink requests, let him know — they will be taken into account, or not, as is his right.
Brigid Ehrmantraut
Ben Allport Memorial Officer for Graduate Liaison (BAMOGL/Grad Rep)
As a graduate student, Brigid attempts to be a real adult. Some days she may even succeed. However, if the younger committee members are too unruly, she is not above cursing them in Gaulish.
Claire Gamble
Access Officer
Hello! I will be your access officer. I know you are all very wonderful and have already gotten offers, BUT the admission process is still ongoing so contact me if you need help understanding anything between now and October. This includes, but is not limited to a crisis occurring that means you need to organise mitigating circumstances, fun events near you or online resources to ease you into the ASNaC world and help prioritising what you should actually read this Summer. Access to the fullest education and wellbeing possible doesn't end when you get in, but I'll talk to you about that all when you arrive!
Dominic Pattison
Of the many fearsome beasts and monsters that roam the Committee, there is none more curious or more deadly than the Treasury Guardian, known also as the Keeper of the Hoard. This dragon, which may reach gigantic height, and live many hundreds of years, is born from a raven’s egg, hatched beneath a chocolate cake. Its methods of killing are most wondrous, for aside from its deadly and venomous fangs, the Treasurer has a murderous stare, and all who are fixed with the beam of its eye shall suffer instant death. The licentious flee before the Treasurer, for it is their mortal enemy, and the Treasurer flees mostly from the warmth of the sun, which is fatal to it.
Emilie Colliar and Nia Griffiths
Emilie is a third year at Trinity, best known for their capacity to knit and entire pair of gloves in the space of one asnac pub trip. Their interest in anglo-francish relations is second only to their dedication to the necromantic arts, frequently seen running through King's parade in a cloak, followed by an army of the undead. Can be found in the vicinity of dogs, graveyards, and the cows of Ely.

Nia is a second year Caius student with a penchant for all things Brittonic. She is Welsh enough to be able to pronounce ‘y’ in all 50 ways, much to the consternation of the Middle Welsh class, and is instantly recognisable by her passion for numismatics and her many-hued hairher passion for coinage is only rivalled by that of King Æthelred. As co-president, she vows to be a kind and beneficent ruler, and promises not to forcibly impose Welsh upon the world. Maybe. She’s Welsh by the way.
James Millington
Social Secretary

James is the social secretary, which means he's responsible for ensuring you are social by organising pub, film nights and other activities. When not dedicating himself to those arduous tasks, he likes long walks to Ely, making puns, and making puns about long walks to Ely. He also likes expounding the virtues of the red brick castle which he calls home, and is often to be found muttering something about how bricks and Æthelred II are unfairly maligned.
Kate Barber
Gesta Editor
Kate, a Corpuscle, is this year's Gesta Officer. This is her 3rd straight year on the committee, making her the longest-serving, and therefore most powerful, current committee member. She is an avid linguist, specialising in the weird and wonderful world of Irish; she can generally be found in the Common Room, puzzling over Old Irish verbs, or admiring pictures of cats. Never start a fight with Kate, for she is a disciple of the mighty art of jiu-jitsu, and a master of the witty retort. Her glorious picture is an example of the quality of her work which you can expect in Gesta.
Maeve Coughlan
Maeve has an affinity for all things Irish. She easily be spotted by her impeccable sense of style whilst lamenting verb forms in the common room. Well-loved by all for her kindness and wisdom, her organisation of this year's Black Tie Dinner is sure to be a night to remember.
Paula Blanco Ríos
Paula is a hobbit. Or a pixie. Or maybe a dragon. Whatever she is, she embraces the ASNaC life with a passion and her ferocity should be feared. Paula is a Spanish-born scribe with a passion for all things Irish and Greek, and also swords (yes even ‘Lebor Gabala Érenn'…). Her roles in the committee include assuring the web-page is not destroyed by Vikings, defeating those who threaten the department in single combat at sundown in the Newnham gardens, and keeping the Society’s Liber Vitae, its official* documentation, in order (yes, there’s an actual manuscript and it may or may not have been cursed).

*not actually official. Yet.