ASNC Committee 2017-18

Alison Owen
Alison is the secretary and token elf of the ASNC committee. She bakes cookies, draws pictures and will identify birds on request. Her role is to chronicle the committee’s shenanigans and occasionally be sarcastic about them.

Amrit Sidhu-Brar
You will know Amrit by his majestic mane. He is a cat person (of the prefers-cats-to-dogs variety, not the were-cat variety, although that would be cool). He has infinite knowledge of philology. I would not trust him, as he is a defector from Oxford and then a defector from Christ’s (having moved to Corpus for his MPhil). Being President last year evidently wasn't enough for him as, even though he now resides in The Real World, he is still the Society's Netwalda.

Ela Sefcikova and Kate Barber
Ela, a third year at Peterhouse, is one component of the ASNaC presidential duo 2018-9. With her trademark multi-hued hair she apparently likes rowing (no, really, why though?). However, her first love must be Germanic history and cultures, especially Old English elves... She's most likely to be found in sports gear in the common room pretending that she can get any work done there.

Kate, third year Corpuscle, constitutes the other half of the 2018-9 presidential duo. She is an avid linguist, specialising in the weird and wonderful world of Irish; she can generally be found in the Common Room, puzzling over Old Irish verbs, or admiring pictures of cats. Never start a fight with Kate, for she is a disciple of the mighty art of jiu-jitsu, and a master of the witty retort.

Emilie Colliar
Vice-President and Yule Play Officer
Emilie "the Necromancer" is in fact a hobbit who once wandered into the ANSaC common room and decided to stay. They can usually be found in a corner knitting, rambling incoherently about Doctor Who and eating garlic bread (sometimes all three at once). They are also always ready to share animal pictures and provide braiding skills when needed.

Emilie's musical interest extends beyond accidentally founding the ASNaC Ceilidh Band, and with Sarah they are looking forward to inflicting their strange sense of humour on this year's audience in the Yule Play. In order to limit the number of questionable Disney parodies please throw any creative masterpieces you might have in their general direction. They are also the Society's Vice-President, in charge of the legendary annual night of revelry that is our Black Tie Dinner.

Helena Fox
Welfare Officer & Gesta Editor
Helena arrived in Cambridge a wee lass eager to learn Old English. However, she soon realised that she is more Brigit than Beowulf, and has decided to devote herself to the pursuit of all things Irish. So far, ASNC has taught her that her Thor impersonation is much better than her ability to drink from a mead horn.

Armed with decaf coffee and the 'Harry Potter' box set, she is here to provide Welfare support for the society as well as welcoming the freshers with biscuits and a cheeky Latin greeting or two. Having read nearly every 'Gesta' before arriving at Uni, she is also thrilled to be in control of whose questionable quotes end up in this year's editions * evil villain laugh *.

James McIntosh
Ben Allport Memorial Officer for Graduate Liaison (BAMOGL/Grad Rep)
James has been in ASNC longer than anyone cares to remember, and has seen many a mighty ASNC dynasty rise and fall. As the grumpy grand-uncle of ASNC, his role on the committee is to remind the young 'uns how much better things were in his day, don’t-you-know, and how much his knees are creaking.* He also provides biscuits, advice and bad jokes, so he isn’t all bad.

*James is 25..

James Miller
Catering Officer
James just smashed a glass while trying to whip Robin with a tea-towel, and is now hoovering up the pieces. This should give you some idea of his personality. (Admittedly this scribe, Amrit, was trying to hit her with a leek on a stick at the time, so is not entirely in a position to judge.) This Peterhouse MPhil has infinite knowledge of Breton saints (and generally all of history), but it is his culinary abilities or, more accurately, the proximity of his old room to Aldi, that qualified him for his post of Catering Officer. James therefore provides the weekly ambrosia of ASNaC lunch to the good citizens of the Department.

James Millington
Social Secretary
James Unræd is the youngest James in the committee and once sat in a bin eating shoelaces. Apparently. Nobody can confirm that this actually took place. Like most of the department, James is not actually human but is in reality a hobgoblin. He is a staunch Hufflepuff and is always willing to give hugs and make awful puns. His commitment to ASNaC social life is only outdone by his commitment to terrible puns (have I mentioned the truly awful puns?)

Lula Innes
Mead and Cider Officer
Lula's bio goes here.

Nia Griffiths
Access Officer
Nia's bio goes here.

Robin Allez
Robin is a smol birb. No, not really. She is a language- and dog-loving, D&D-playing, clothes-making ex-Corpuscle now residing in the scary Real World, who will probably be most noticeable for her tree of Gondor jumper and for forcing her various favourite fantasy books and podcasts on you at every possible moment. She is the Society's Treasurer, and so looks after all of our hoarded gold. Mwahahaaaaaaa.

Sarah Nolan
Yule Play Officer
Sarah's bio goes here.