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Welcome to the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic society website. This is the student-run society for those studying, or interested in studying, Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge University, and any others interested in the early medieval British and Scandinavian world!

If you are thinking of applying to do ASNaC at Cambridge, the best place to look would be the department's information about the course. Alternatively, there's our Alternative Prospectus over at the website of CUSU, the University's Student Union – it was written by the Society's old Access Officer. If you want to know more about the Society than is written below, check the Frequently Asked Questions. We have a set of Access videos (like the one above) on our Youtube channel that'll tell you about the student experience of studying ASNC, and our Access Officer also runs the Society's Twitter account, do give it a follow! Finally I must mention ASNaC Memes for Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Teens, which consumes far too much of our humourous energy...

Anyway, the ASNaC Society runs various events of varying levels of seriousness throughout the academic year, from the weekly events of ASNC Lunch on Mondays and ASNC Pub on Fridays, through to film nights, formals, welfare events and so on several times a term – all the way to the cycle of annual events: The Hallowe'en/St Rumwold's Day Pub Crawl, the Christmas Party, the Yule Play, a weekend trip in January, the annual Black Tie Dinner, occasional guest lectures, and the Society Picnic at the end of the year. There is also the ASNC Quire, the Department's not-very-serious choir that sings at least vaguely ASNC-related music. Twice per year we publish Gesta Asnacorum, our magazine full of very niche jokes, described by Wikipedia as a "scurrilous student rag", of which all back issues can be viewed on our Gesta page. Our annual Yule Play is a similar sort of thing, but on stage, and similarly various previous Yule Plays can be watched on the Youtube channel.

Please do contact us with any questions you may have, whether you're a current Cambridge student wanting to join the Society, an offer holder wanting to know more about what's coming, or a prospective applicant to study ASNaC – we'd love to hear from you! We can add you to our mailing list on request, which will get you details of all of our events as they're happening.

Also, if you're interested in ASNaC, but don't know where to start, check out our alternative introductory reading list, as well as the Department's more official reading list. They have lots of useful books, and plenty of not-at-all-less-useful fun things too!

We have a Stash store which sells assorted Society merchandise. If you have any funky designs you want included on ASNaC shirts, mugs, posters or other such memorabilia to be available to purchase, please email the Netwalda who will organise their availability from an online store post haste!