Hello from your new Netwalda!
28th March 2017
Greetings all! I'm Amrit, your new Netwalda. I'll endeavour to update the relevant bits of this website soon, so hopefully you'll be able to see the new Committee in all its glory in a few short weeks!
Ancient Gesta Manuscripts rediscovered. New Gesta released!
1st of February 2017
The Lent Term Gesta is now out in digital form online, accessible among the Gesta archives on this website. Also thanks go to Lee for finding the PDFs for Gesta from 2014 and 2015! These have now also been uploaded, bringing the Gesta archives closer to completion. Also see the ASNC stash for updated phone cases suitable for larger current phones, both iPhone and Android.

ASNC Committee Election Results
29th of February 2016
The people of ASNC have spoken, and the new committee have been elected in fast-paced, highly competitive (description subjective) hustings. The new committee will be inaugurated in a handover which will be taking place soon. Outgoing presidents Amy and Rhodri will be ending their term.

New content! Including digital Gesta and full Yule Play footage!
3rd of February, 2016
The website has received the latest shipment of rare data from the shores of ASNCdom, featuring photos from the January 2016 society trip to Wales, Black Tie Dinner and a whole new category of photos for all things ASNC!

Send in any photos you want on the website to asnacsociety@gmail.com.

Check out the new issues of Gesta online in the Archives section, and you can now watch the Yule Play online by visiting the Media section.

Gesta and Yule Play
As the end of term approaches, so does the time for submission of funnies to Gesta Asnacorum, the ASNC student publication which will be circulated in enormous quantities at the ASNC black tie dinner and in the ASNC common room in the English faculty around the 16th of January. Email things to Gesta editors Christina Wallace (chw46@cam.ac.uk) and Teddie Ferry-Swainson (mf552@cam.ac.uk) ASAP! The deadline is the 9th of January to allow for plenty of time to edit and put to print, so send in any ideas as soon as possible! Articles, comics, comedy adverts, funny quotes, the works - send in whatever you can. In other news, the rehearsals for the Yule Play have been booked in for the 1st and 2nd of December.

ASNC Yule Play!
Glad yuletidings to all ASNCs! As the faint ringing of 'Bridgemas bells approaches, so does the annual ASNC Yule Play! On the 2nd of December at 1PM, the English Faculty theatre (to be found in the basement, opposite the stairs) will be hosting a troupe of ASNCs pretending to be other people and doing silly things in front of an audience. An experience well worth attending, make sure you put it in your diary. The Play has recently been a collection of sketches, and each year the Yule Play officers seek new ideas from students on the course for funny things to tickle ASNC funnybones.

ASNaC Stash Updated
The ASNaC Stash, marketplace of ASNaC exports, has received an update and is now in brand spanking new format! This change has been accompanied by a brand new mug design - the first of many! Do you have a design you want to see on ASNaC products? Shirts? Phone covers? Lanyards? Umbrellas? You name it! Send in a design to asnacsociety@gmail.com and see your very own design available for purchase for generations of ASNaCs to come, until the apocalypse renders internet shopping unviable!

Brand New ASNC Society Website Launched!
On this date did Carlos Jósefsson, Netwalda to the Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic society, complete his composition of the updated ASNC society website. There was much rejoicing among yon committee, except for those who did not submit their committee profiles in time, who were punished in such like as the Britons by God in the years following the folly of King Vortigern.